The New Zealand Childhood Cancer Memorial



This memorial was created by Harri, the mother of Lowri van der Werff whose story is on the memorial.


When Lowri died in September 2002 I was disappointed to find there was no memorial that I could add her name to, no great stone pillar somewhere that I could etch her story into for future New Zealanders to say "This was a truly awesome child, I wish I had known her".  My first instinct was to start to raise funds to create such a monument to Lowri and all the other children who had fought this monster but lost the battle.  The enormity of that task was beyond me, and I decided that money would be better invested in finding treatments for cancer that prevent more children from losing their lives.  I decided to work with the tools I already had and set out to create an on-line memorial.  To produce this site I have had to learn some web-making skills, and I expect the site to evolve as my skills improve.

The stories which appear on this memorial were written by the children's families.

Each story was sent to me and I created a page using the child's favourite colours and images, and included photos of the child.  The page is created with input from the child's family, and does not appear on the memorial until the family has viewed and approved the "finished" page.  Changes can be made to the page, at the families request, at any time in the future.

This site is sponsored and there is no cost to the family of the child.

If you would like to add your child's name or story to The New Zealand Childhood Cancer Memorial please click here to email me