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Childhood Cancer Information

American National Cancer Institute - NCI childhood cancers homepage.
Children's Cancer Web - provides a directory of childhood cancer resources.
Cancer Source Kids - a site for kids about childhood cancer.


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Support for families of children with cancer

New Zealand Child Cancer Foundation - Local and national support for children with cancer and their families.

The Never-Ending Squirrel Tale - Practical tips and encouragement for parents of kids with cancer.
PED-ONC  - Mailing List for parents and professionals on the field of Paediatric Oncology.


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Hospice and End-of-Life

Hospice New Zealand - national organisation for hospice palliative care.

Camp Heaven - A starting place for discussion.
"It's Time To Go" - advice from the parents on ACORs PED-ONC list.

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Support for grieving families

KiwiAngels Support Group - a support and discussion group for N.Z. parents who have lost a child to cancer (NZ)
Skylight Trust  - a New Zealand agency supporting children and young people facing change, loss and grief (NZ).
N.A.L.A.G (NZ) Inc -  - National Association for Loss and Grief (NZ).

The Child Bereavement Trust -  - Support and counseling for grieving families (UK).
Brochures - grief information from the Compassionate Friends, support groups for grieving parents (US).
Healing Hearts - Grief support for bereaved parents (US).

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Poetry and Sharing

Grief Warehouse - a warehouse of information and personal experience for parents coping with the death of their child (US).
ANGEL HUGS for Grieving Parents - Hugs, help and hope for grieving parents (US).
A Time to Grieve...Poetry - Grief and inspirational poetry (US).
My Parents Are Survivors Poetry - Grief and inspirational poetry (US).
Mothers With Angels Poems - Grief and inspirational poetry (US).

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